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Despite your busy work and personal schedule, you would like to learn a new language flexibly and regardless of your location?

You require a training concept that is tailored precisely to your needs? eBerlitz makes all this possible, without you having to leave your office, hotel or your home.


We offer 4 innovative programs:

E-learning: CyberTeachers

Teach yourself a language via an award-winning web-based learning platform - wherever you may be, and 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Blended Learning: CyberTeachers & Telephone Lessons

The combination of individual telephone instruction and a licence for CyberTeachers. Even more opportunities for faster results.

Telephone Lessons

Personal live instruction over the telephone with a native speaker trainer - highly specialized content and short units to ensure maximum success.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Interactive and flexible live instruction with a native speaker trainer via the internet. There are three different course concepts available: Open Group with 3 to 5 participants, Individual Instruction or Corporate Groups.