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Free Online Placement Test

Test your language skills in 20 minutes!

The test is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
The test focuses on:

  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Reading and listening comprehension

The test takes approx. 20 minutes and you willl receive the results immediately by e-mail.

To know what your test result means, please see information about the Berlitz Proficiency levels here


  • The pace of the test is quite fast. The clock in the upper right-hand corner of the page shows you how much time you have left to answer the question.
  • Some of the questions test your listening and comprehension skills, and they contain audio tracks. In them, you can listen to each track once, be it a question or answer option.
  • Once started the test cannot be paused
  • The test requires loudspeakers.

Technical requirements

Please be sure your computer and internet connection meet the following requirements in order to ensure the test performs properly:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000+, Mac OS X +
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer
  • Minimum Computer Requirements
  • RAM 500MB
  • CPU 1000Mhz
  • Flash player ver. 8.0 or higher
  • Sound card; speakers or headset
  • High Speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable, or ISDN)
  • Disable any pop-up blockers that might prevent access to the test.

If any technical problems are experienced when trying to use the Berlitz Online Level Test, the most common problems are:

  • Flash player is not installed or is damaged
  • Pop-ups are blocked
  • The local network is "overloaded" (try at a different time or in a different network)
  • The firewall is blocking access to the test

Good luck with your test!

Start the test!