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Berlitz is more than a language school. With a tradition of excellence stretching back more than a century, our passion and drive motivates course participants to succeed. Ongoing innovation ensures only the best course materials and methods are used in every single Berlitz lesson around the world. The company's commitment to being the best has resulted in a strong and recognized brand with a wide variety of programs. Berlitz has a broad customer base with a range of interests, which further demonstrates its appeal to a large cross-section of the global population.

The inner workings of Berlitz

Berlitz is a highly regarded company that has become a leading global player in language acquisition and study. Students and employees alike benefit from Berlitz's flexible management structure to leave more time to focus on what really matters: the training success of its customers. Regardless of what position you assume at Berlitz, you can expect to be involved in a diverse selection of tasks. As an employer, Berlitz also believes in giving all of its employees the autonomy they need and the opportunity to make quick decisions that streamlines company goals.

Join our team of passionate professionals

Professionalism, cooperation, and passion are a must for every person who works at Berlitz. It is only by working with passion and professionalism that the company can provide the services its customers expect. As a multicultural employer, Berlitz also strives to maintain a multinational, fast-paced atmosphere that makes it fun for everyone to be a part of the Berlitz family.

The support from a global team

No matter what job appeals to you at Berlitz, you will receive in-depth training, all the support you need and myriad opportunities for professional development of your skills. 

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