• Berlitz: world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural services

Our Vision, Mission and Believes

That make us a unique training partner

Berlitz’s strong corporate culture, mission, vision and believes guarantee an effective method to empower people with the relevant skills and build the confidence necessary for successful communication in a global environment.

Our Vision

Face to Face Individual

Become the global leader in delivering highly effective instructor-led and personalized solutions for language, communication, intercultural and business trainings.


Our Mission

We enable people to communicate with confidence in a global environment in order to achieve their goals in life.


Our Believes

  • The most effective way of learning is learning from people and with people.
  • Intercultural competencies are key to successful communication in a global environment.
  • Immediate results and constant progress drive motivation and self-confidence.
  • Only by acquiring relevant skills can people become self-confident and unleash their full potential in  life.
  • Our passion and commitment to client goal achievement engenders trust.


At Berlitz we will spare no effort in order to deliver our brand promise. Our procedures were designed to shorten the path to language proficiency and all our staff are totally dedicated to ensuring our clients speak with confidence.

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