• Choose one of many workshops suited to develop targeted language competencies

Business English Workshop

Train in real-life situations.

Our Business English Workshops are indicated for employees who want to develop targeted language competencies needed in their day-to-day business life. They learn how to use and improve their language skills required to accomplish specific professional goals.

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How it works
Select the workshop topic from our list, which best fits your language goal:
  • Telephoning in English: for efficient telephone communication
  • Emails and Business Writing: for making a professional impression in writing
  • Language of Meetings: for making purposeful arguments
  • Business Presentations: to present with conviction
  • Business Small Talk: little chats that make a big difference
  • English for Human Resources: how to motivate, interview and open up opportunities
  • English for Accounting: practical language learning and specialist terminology
The benefits
  • Compact training over 1-2 days
  • Goal-oriented language training which helps overcome language inhibitions
  • Training with the aid of realistic, interactive role plays
  • Integration of case studies and discussion of economic and political issues
  • Participants are consulted with regard to choosing the course content
  • 3 to 8 participants per workshop

These workshops take place in a single day, usually on a Friday, and are easy to integrate in your employees’ schedules. Classes are held in small groups of learners with similar profiles and needs. The content is custom-designed and targets your employees’ specific communication objectives.


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