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Live Business and Everyday English

CyberTeachers Live is the tutor-assisted version of our online program for business English learning. CyberTeachers Live provides you with unlimited access to a live tutor 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. At the click of a button, you contact a Live Coach who will appear on your screen and answer your questions, or you take part in open conversations in groups monitored by a teacher.

Benefits of CyberTeachers Live
  • A time-saving, flexible and cost-saving platform
  • A wide range of training media like e-mail, videos, mobile phone applications, podcasts, and more
  • 20 language tools, such as Speech Trainer, Speed Memorization, dictionary, translator, writing assistants, situation cards, etc.
  • Monitoring tools that continuously analyze your performance and individually adapt the level of difficulty of each lesson
  • Personalized teaching content
  • Feedback reports after every lesson and opportunities to compare your learning progress with that of the other course participants

Business English training for all levels

CyberTeachers Live can be used by learners on all levels, from beginners on an elementary level, with little or no knowledge of the new language, over learners on intermediate level, who might have a lack in confidence, when using the language, to learners on advanced levels, wishing to master the language and maintain consistent practice. With the CyberTeachers Live courses, you can receive training and self-study on a wide variety of topics such as Business English, Everyday English, Social Situations, Meetings and Presentations etc.

Available for 5 target languages*:

/res/berlitz-dk/United-Kingdom.png English  /res/berlitz-dk/Spain.png Spanish /res/berlitz-dk/France.png French  /res/berlitz-dk/Germany.png German  /res/berlitz-dk/Italy.png Italian

* The functionalities above refer to the CyberTeachers for English. Some functionalities may not be available for other languages. Please check with your Berlitz consultant for more information.


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