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You can learn languages quickly and efficiently in a small group!

Do you need to strengthen your skills in business English?

This option is for professionals who need to improve their business English. The Berlitz instructors have a lot of experience from teaching business English, and we have material for very specific purposes - be your need accounting, marketing, HR or real estate. Sign up with your colleague or let us find you a team member. Contact us and tell us about your needs! Or if you would rather have one-to-one lessons with your instructor, please see here for information about private lessons.

Course features:
  • Groups can be formed at several different levels
  • Course length and timetable will be confirmed prior to starting date
  • We schedule a minimum of two 45-minute lessons at one time


  • Business English
  • Monday to Friday
  • Duration 10 to 30 weeks
  • Lessons anytime between 8.00 - 18.25
  • Intermediate Level 5-8

Course features:

New courses start flexibly if we get enough registrations!

To know your starting level in English, do the quick and easy Berlitz online test for free here! Also available for other languages.

Contact us to discuss the opportunities!

If you find group learning particularly fun and you want to learn a new language quickly and purposefully, this is exactly the right option for you. In these lessons, you benefit both from the motivation of the other participants and from reduced prices. Berlitz Group Instruction guarantees you quick and continuous learning progress.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information and book a business language workshop today.


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