• Study at one of several locations in the USA, Australia, Canada and more

Study Abroad Program for Students (ELS)

Custom-designed language courses for international students

ELS, a Berlitz company, specializes in Study Abroad Programs for Students and gives you the opportunity to study a language at various locations in the US, Australia, Canada and more, guaranteeing you an unforgettable intercultural experience! International students can soak up both the culture and the language while meeting new people. This is an ideal option for those who plan to pursue higher education, as over 650 universities and colleges honor the ELS Certificate as proof that you have fulfilled their English proficiency admission requirement.

Study Abroad Program for Students (ELS)
The benefits of our Study Abroad ELS courses
  • 50 fantastic  locations in the USA, Australia, Canada, and more
  • Use of the Berlitz Method® in the language lessons
  • ELS Certificate fulfills the English proficiency admission requirements of over 650 colleges worldwide
  • Accommodation on campus, with a host family, or in an apartment

The largest on-campus network of locations

ELS has the largest on-campus network of study abroad locations in the world. The company offers both general English and business communication programs for young adults and teens. Students can stay on campus, with host families, or in apartments. A major component of the language courses is the use of our proven effective Berlitz Method®. Students are immersed in the new language and culture 24/7, rapidly increasing their intercultural awareness, their confidence,  and their ability to communicate.

Want more information on ELS programs? Contact your local Berlitz center to find out more about the Study Abroad Programs for Students.

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