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Cyberteachers - Online Language Instruction

Study online whenever you want

Berlitz offers effective Online Language Instruction via our award-winning platform– CyberTeachers. You can benefit from a vast selection of online course materials that will help you learn a new language, improve your level of proficiency or receive insights to different cultures. The content of your e-Lessons is selected according to your profile, ensuring you are learning language skills that are relevant to your daily life. You have unlimited access to all the learning resources and can study at any time, from anywhere with only an internet connection.

Benefits of our Online courses
  • E-Lesson program personalized to your job profile and goals
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of self-study online course exercises
  • Course accessible to students from computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Comprehensive reporting tools allow you to monitor your progress

Our online program offers unlimited self-study content for language learning. Learners can practice freely, 24/7.


CyberTeachers Live provides you with the possibility of joining live classroom training in small groups 24/5 (Mon – Fri).

CyberTeachers Live

A rich variety of learning resources

Learn with the award winning e-learning platform CyberTeachers® Coach

CyberTeachers offers many additional tools* to accelerate learning. You receive a 5-minute daily lesson to work on specific rules, expressions and mistakes to avoid. A rich database of exercises provides to students hundreds of hours of targeted practice of grammar, vocabulary, oral and written skills. Innovative electronic tools such as videos, writing assistants, dictionary, translator and a speech trainer are always available to enhance your learning experience.

CyberTeachers also gives the possibility to integrate your own personal course materials directly in the platform, transforming them into interactive language learning exercises.

Try out our award-winning Online Introduction with CyberTeachers. Contact your local Berlitz centerto get more information and sign up to our online platform today.


* The functionalities above refer to the CyberTeachers for English. Some functionalities may not be available for other languages. Please check with your Berlitz consultant for more information.


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