• Have total flexibility of time, place and lesson content with telephone instruction

Telephone Language Instruction

Learning a new language has never been easier

Our individual telephone course gives you the opportunity to have lessons with a private trainer no matter where you are in the world. All you have to do is reserve your lesson, inform us of your location, and answer the phone making this a highly flexible and valuable option for busy professionals. An online platform allows you to schedule or cancel your individual appointments at your convenience. Working with a native Berlitz trainer towards the language goals you have defined guarantees that you will see vast improvements in your fluency in no time.

Benefits of our Individual Telephone courses
  • Easy course management via an innovative online platform
  • An off-shore team of 650 qualified native speaker instructors
  • Courses available 24/7, from anywhere in the world
  • Possibility to work on your own personal materials during a lesson

A fully flexible course designed around you

BOLS 2017

Berlitz designs the course materials around your personal and professional goals, using content that is relevant to your specific industry and language objectives. Our proven teaching method ensures for each lesson that your trainer will immerse you in the target language, helping you gain the confidence you need to speak the language in real-life situations. The main goal of the Telephone Instruction courses is to keep you highly motivated by the personal attention of a language trainer, the relevance of content and the ease-of-use. You will be able to communicate in the target language in no time. The teaching method ensures rapid results in communication whatever your level of proficiency.

The Telephone Instruction gives you the total flexibility of time, place and lesson content. You learn at your own pace and are motivated by your quick progress. Contact your local Berlitz center to getmore information and book an individual telephone course today.

Available for the 5 target languages:

English English   German German   Spanish Spanish  French French  Italian Italian


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