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Russian is spoken by 162 million people around the world of which 137 million live in Russia. According to Statistics in Finland we have over 77.000 people who consider Russian as their native tongue which is about 1,5 % of the population. In business life Russian is also needed for establishing good business relations.  At Berlitz, we offer a wide variety of courses and materials designed to ensure that you learn Russian  quickly and effectively. 

Russian courses designed with you in mind

Berlitz caters to a broad range of language learning needs, ensuring our ability to accommodate your particular requirements. Whether you opt for a one-on-one course or a small group course, your native speaker trainer will delve into the world of Russian using the Berlitz Method®, which completely immerses you in your target language. This immersion allows you to quickly learn Russian in a natural way and focuses on understanding not just the language but also the associated cultures. In our classrooms our teachers customize the content to ensure you're learning things that match your professional and personal interests and fields. This in turn prepares you for doing business and travelling in a Russian-speaking country.


You can choose the following types of Russian courses at Berlitz:

  • One-on-one language courses
  • Group course
  • Virtual Classroom (one-on-one and group options available)

Constantly on the move and facing a hard time attending your Russian lessons? Then choose our Virtual Classroom option, which can be held one-on-one or in group sessions. Simply log in from anywhere with an internet connection and attend your virtual classroom with one of our native speaker trainers. If you prefer you can also choose to have classes over the telephone and learn Russian while speaking to a native speaker at any time and from anywhere in the world. Like the virtual classroom, this option is ideal for those who want to learn Russian while on the go with work or personal matters. Finally, our online platform CyberTeachers provides you with tailor-made lessons and materials that can be accessed 24/7, giving you the tools you need to learn Russian wherever and whenever you want. The platform can be used independently or combined with a face-to-face Russian course. Either way, Berlitz offers you a wide array of ways to advance your career and private goals by learning to speak Russian.


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