• Designed to make you speak in a small group

Semi-Private Language Instruction

A method designed to encourage learners to speak

Our Semi-Private courses offer the optimal mix of private and group instruction. In small groups of 2-3 participants learners receive the personal attention from a native speaker instructor at a cost-effective budget for your company. This course allows your employees to spend the majority of the lessons actively speaking the new language. The combination of the Berlitz Method®, our team of qualified instructors and the comfortable learning atmosphere cut through their inhibitions and quickly boost their ability to communicate.

Benefits of our Semi Private courses
  • Small groups of 2-4 participants for more personal attention
  • Use of the Berlitz Method® for language immersion and increased confidence
  • Optimal, cost-efficient mix of private and group instruction
  • Course materials focusing on group’s profile and company objectives

Business relevant training solution

The key objective of the Semi-Private Instruction is make learners confident to speak and use the language in their professional context. The Berlitz learning materials are selected according to the strengths and specific objectives of the small group. Learners spend the lesson discussing topics that are relevant to them and learn vocabulary that can be used in their day-to-day life. Thanks to the use of the Berlitz Method® employees quickly see vast improvements of their language proficiency. They are immersed in the new language, learn vocabulary and grammar intuitively and increase their intercultural awareness.

The Semi-Private Instruction provides your employees with a highly efficient and interactive learning experience. Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about our individual and group training solutions.


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