Virtual Individual Language Instruction

Innovative solution for busy employees

Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) is the most effective live online language training program for corporations. Berlitz Virtual instruction is the only distance-learning program that offers live language training through a global network of highly qualified instructors. Choose from over 25 languages, various intercultural and business topics, and benefit from the same proven Berlitz Method® and materials used in our regular face-to-face classes.

Benefits of our Virtual Instruction
  • Live individual language lessons, without the need to travel off-site
  • Each session can be recorded and played back for review
  • Eliminates geographic and scheduling constraints
  • Identical to in-class Berlitz Method® language training with live communication

Berlitz at your fingertips

Berlitz Virtual Classroom students interact in real time with a native-fluent instructor through voice communication and visuals over the Internet. Identical in content to live instruction at any Berlitz language center, this global training format offers increased flexibility to fit trainees’ schedules and learning patterns. Course materials relevant to your employees' industry or department ensure applicability of their new and improved skills within your company structure. Client feedback allow Berlitz trainers to further fine-tune lesson content for result achievement. The convenience of the virtual classroom together with the attention of an individual instructor and the effectiveness of the Berlitz Method® are a guarantee of goal-achievement.

Get the power of our innovative Berlitz Virtual Classrooms. Contact one of our consultants to obtain more information about our global distance-learning solutions.


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